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I’ve had the good fortune to journey through roles in academia, policy-making, investment, and business leadership and oversight, all focused on the same core ideas:  supporting leaders, strengthening governance, and creating value.  


I spent ten years years at on the faculty at Harvard University and two years at the Securities and Exchange Commission, focused on decision-making, value, and control at public companies.  I helped to lead the development of modern activist investing, and advocated for a more engaged, partnership-driven dynamic between leaders and boards.  Subsequently, through Integrity Brands, I've spent more than 25 years as an investor, adviser, board leader, and coach, focused on working with leaders to add value at vision-driven, consumer-facing businesses.  I've also advised and worked with leaders of nonprofits - primarily in higher education - whose models and challenges are similar:  integrating the art and science of vision and execution. 


In recent years I've been increasingly focused on entrepreneurship, and I'm enthused to be involved at McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, helping to develop new programs to inspire entrepreneurial thinking among students and to support the spectrum of entrepreneurial ventures on campus.  

About Me
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