I’ve had the good fortune to journey through roles in academia, policy-making, investment, and business leadership and oversight, with a common core focus: helping to catalyze, collaborate on, and improve value-creating decisions by leaders and boards at vision-driven companies.   And, to enhance the decision-making process itself.


I spent a dozen years at Harvard University and the Securities and Exchange Commission, advocating for more engaged boards, and helping to lead the development of modern activist investing.  Subsequently, I founded an investment/advisory business (here) and spent 25 years as an investor, board member, leader, adviser, and coach at a spectrum of consumer-facing companies.  My core involvements have been in a series of product-driven brand turnarounds at public omni-channel retailers, that have resulted in 10X-20X increases in value, reflecting strengthened leadership, refocused product visions, rebuilt customer relationships, and empowered cultures focused on success.