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I’ve had the good fortune to journey through roles in academia, policy-making, investment, and business leadership and oversight, all with a common focus: finding ways to support leaders, improve governance, and create value. 


I spent ten years years at on the faculty at Harvard University and two years at the Securities and Exchange Commission, helping - through research, policy reform, and direct market involvement - to lead the development of modern activist public equity investing.  Subsequently, through Integrity Brands, I've spent more than 25 years as an investor, board member, leader, adviser, and coach at a spectrum of vision-driven consumer-facing companies, from billion-dollar public ones to pre-revenue startups. 


I've collaborated on everything from visioning, branding and growth strategy to managing financial distress and planning and overseeing turnarounds.  My greatest gratification has come from helping to build, coach, support and defend ethical, disciplined, value-creating leadership teams, and the conviction-driven cultures they create.  

About Me
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