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I Help Build Brands, Business Models, and Boards.

After four decades of involvement with value creation, leadership, governance, and control, my gratification comes from applying the accuulated knowledge - wisdon? - to hep leaders solve problems, surmount challenges, withstand pressures, find new pathways to create value.


 For the past 25 years, my focus has been on helping to create value at branded, consumer-facing , creatively-driven, producet-led brands.  Most often I've been involved  - usually, by re-focusing them after a period in which the brand and product had wandered.  That's inv olved a combination of business challenges, ad governance ones:  re-imaging a decision-making structure, building a supportive new culture around the core brandand product propositin.,  My early, enduring core interst is in how complext decisions are made at the nexus of governance - and, the pressures, problems, and costraints that can lead to that process coming out wrong.  Every involvement I've had has involved these dynamics.  Understanding the risks, stress [plints, and weaknesses in that process - not from a legal viewpoint, but from a behavioral one - lends another dimension to managing change.


For I've helped to test, refine, and evolve visions; sharpen brand promises; strengthen business models; identify and triage flawed ideas and ineffective projects; find, evaluate, pursue new opportunities.   Meanwhile though - and usually, concurretlhy -evolve leadership teams; help with leader and founder transitions; strengthen boards and board culture; advise on and mediate board and shareholder conflicts.  It's that blend of decisionsseeing many stiuations involving the need for both of those that has cfreated a libray of knowledge, bumps and bruises, and case studies.

I thrive on oversrvation (of people and organizations and decisinos), and trying to solve puzzles aduntanble threads.  That can be useful.  Leaders need to lead; it doesn't hurt to have someone on the team whose job is to observe and to overthink everhthing.   I have in many clases helped leaders ee around a corner and thus avoid a train crash.  (And, to see opportunities - but that's easier, an extrovert's game - seeing risks is rarer).  


A member of a management team once said to me, "you're the board member who protects us from the board" - Not htat I actuallly did that, but it was reflective of having earned the team's trust, and, of being able to see stress points on the board that needed to be addrssed, as they managed through a volitile and financially challenging turnaround.  She would also have emphasized how much I challenged them on their beliefs and plans.  That's the right combination - a criic and trusted coache, with enough expertise that the coaching is meaningful.   (The story had a perfect ending, too.  Having endured a fair amount of (unjustified) board skepticism, they created enormous value, and then sold the company - and thus, fired the board.  I still miss working with that team, many years later).

After 40 years (this actually being Year 40 of focus on these issues), I'm fascinated, learnng, grateful, and always glad for a new opportunity to help.  



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